Be the Lighthouse not the torch....

B A L A N C E your energy

Personal and private consults are a wonderful opportunity to re-set your balance and self care.

Much of our time shared together in the first consultation is about how to choose your own self health first. For many, this maybe difficult and I always remind my clients that with a little guidance and practice this can become easier. We all know the WHY its simply the HOW!

In my previous blog "Its About time" I share some simple healthy practices into the HOW to add balance and self care. 

 Be the lighthouse not the torch

By choosing to centre ourselves by adding grounding rituals of care in mindful meditation, adding daily connection with earth such as ocean time, breathing clean air, gardening or simply sitting in a peaceful space enriches your vitality.

When we are able to be mindfully and spiritually aware in our daily routine of our preparation in our foods, beverages and self-care, again our vital energy is more enriched.

Some of my beautiful clients may come in for a consult of clarity as they may be experiencing anxiety and stress. We speak on these feelings and concerns in a safe and compassionate space.

Here we weave a Mana Map of wellness into how we are committed to be the lighthouse of self love, compassion and of self caring rituals. These consults of hui (speaking, sharing, listening) can be the most rewarding journey to share with my amazing and brave clients.

A gentle reminder

Over three consultations of sharing Mana Map work and follow ups, my clients may choose to check in a few times a year to "check in" with their own light & energy

. It is so amazing to touch base during a new moon or fullmoon. To see the progress of each person and how their daily self care rituals are now a natural routine in their life style.

My greatest JOY is to see this and hear how their lighthouse energy is inspiring daily rituals into their families and communities. These gentle reminders of shining your own light inspires those that are ready to be their own light house and together we are all empowered, supported and shining LOVE and LIGHT.

Register your booking

Should you feel the calling to register your space at Mana Wellbeing Centre I invite you to register on the link provided or simply browse through our main services menu. Investment times and payments are clearly noted under each service.

It is my greatest honour and JOY to be in service in celebrating the magnificence you already are. To connect you in a personal Mana Map for you to ADD to your life style so you can be the absolute best version of you.

I so look forwards to sharing hui together soon!



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