Business Excellence Awards 2016

Mana Wellbeing Centre is so Grateful, Delighted & Proud to be nominated for the Business Excellence Awards!

 Thank you  to the wonderful person/s who nominated Mana Wellbeing Centre.

Mana Wellbeing was nominated for Young Person in business 2009 & I had the honour of receiving that award for that category. I remember feeling very surprised & even a loss for words upon receiving. For me, that nomination came at an early start up of Mana Wellbeing Centres new name & new beginnings. Being A Spiritual Wellbeing practice there was much of my business that people were still being introduced to. My vision was to bring Spiritual Modalities out of the back streets & present Wellbeing Practices into the centre of our communities such as, Meditation , Reiki & Guidance Readings.

Today it is wonderful to be located in the heart of our community & welcomed into our private & public schools to now be sharing Meditation & connection ceremonies. Mana Wellbeing Centre today is grateful for that support boost in 2009 & this hug from community in this nomination of 2016.

Congratulations to all the business nominations & I look forwards to sharing the evening in November together.

"a full heart is a happy heart, today I am happy" Ngahuia
 Meetings with my CEO! Thankful for Matt for being Matt.

Meetings with my CEO! Thankful for Matt for being Matt.